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Homemade Cosmetics

First we dreamed, then we took action and now we bring to you Clouse Creation

I started making candles and soaps for my family, I love all the different scents, but my husband was allergic to all the artificial scents. I was not able to burn candles, have wax melts, or use an of the perfume soaps, everything was very generic, NO SMELL. Well that worked for me for a while then I started to do some research on how to incorporate scents without my husband having allergy issues. 

I have found a couple of sites where I can get my scents from that don’t have all the extra added chemicals, just good smells. 

Now we have the best of both worlds I have amazing scents in the house and he has no allergy issues.

We sell at our local fresh market and now, online to the entire United States, bringing the best in home made directly to your home. 


The Creator

Connie Clouse